Linux Workshop

May 24, 2005

CDs: Burning and Ripping

  • Burning- the process of creating a CD from data
    • K3B = cdrecord + cdrdao + readcd
      • like EZ CD Creator or Sonic for Windows
    • K Menu -> Multimedia -> CD & DVD Burning (K3B)
      • Data CDs - copy files from disk to CD
        • New Data CD Project
        • select and drag files and/or folders from upper pane to lower pane
        • click Burn button
        • settings tab: The defaults are usually the best. In particular, using multisession can cause problems when you try to read the CD later.
      • Copy CDs - make exact copy of data or audio CDs
        • Copy CD dialog
        • defaults are usually OK; could try Clone Copy if Normal Copy doesn't work
      • CD images - ISOs
        • an ISO is an image of the contents of a CD stored in a container file
        • creating an ISO
          • use the Copy CD dialog
          • in the Options box check the "Only create image" item
          • specify file location in the "Write image file to:" box (it seems that only the directory can be specified, not the file name. The file names end up as k3b_0.iso, k3b_1.iso, etc. These names can be changed as desired after the iso file is completed.
          • click start
        • writing an ISO to a CD; might be an ISO created from a CD or, more likely, downloaded from somewhere
          • Tools menu -> CD -> Burn CD image...
          • navigate to the iso file in the "Image to burn" box
      • Audio CDs
        • make an audio CD from MP3 files
  • Ripping - the process of creating data from a CD (usually refers to an audio CD)
    • audiocd protocol in Konqueror
    • formats: CDA (CD Audio), FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), WAV (WAVEform audio format), MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3), Ogg Vorbis (Vorbis is an open and free audio compression codec and Ogg is a container file format)
    • will typically rip songs from a CD and encode into MP3 format and load the MP3 files on a portable player

PDFs: Installing and Configuring Acrobat Reader

02 Jun 2010 - See "How do I Install Acrobat Reader?" on the frequently asked questions page.

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