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Does the department's web calendar ( meet your needs? Do you use it? How could it be improved?

If you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints about the web calendar please add them here. If we can modify the program to help we will try to do so. You don't have to leave a name if you don't want to.

  • I find the method for entering repeating events to be a little complicated. I'm never quite sure if I am doing it right until I click Save and see what happens. Not a show stopper, but a little annoying.
  • When someone (other than me) proposes a meeting that I am a participant in, it should look different on my calendar until I accept or reject the meeting.
  • I use layers to display multiple calendars and colors to distinguish the source calendars. A legend mapping the colors to the calendar names would be helpful.
  • Should not complain about conflicts in the past. This can happen when modifying a repeating event.
  • When someone (a non-assistant) adds an event to my calendar I get an email stating that "A new apppointment has been made for you by...". It would be more correct if that email said "... has been proposed for you..." because there exists the option to approve or reject such appointments.
  • Need a new preference: Allow non-assistants to propose events on my calendar (yes or no)
-- Dale Plummer
  • A rolling N-week view would be more relevant than month. I've already added a comment to the feature request at sourceforge.
  • Ability to add categories from another user's calendar to get a sub-set of events. Or select/deselect categories for calendars added as layers.
-- Will Gray
  • I would like to be able to edit any event that is put on my calendar. Often, my only option is to delete the event or leave it alone.
  • I would like all day and multi-day events to be more visually distinct on my calendar.
  • I would like more ability to color code my entries.
  • I would like to be able to have pop-ups warn me of meetings that are about to occur.
-- William Dupont
With the comments so far, it sounds like we should just switch to Google calendar. -- Will Gray
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