Cardiovascular Medicine Active Projects


DAYLIGHT: Randomized Clinical Trial of High Dose Vitamin D for Treating Hypertension

  • PI: Tommy Wang
  • Dates: 2013-10-01 -

Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson and Dr.Loren Lipworth-Elliot 1/10/2014

Relationship between baseline blood pressure and cardiovascular outcomes and all-cause mortality in the SCCS.

Dr.Susan Bell

  1. Access the association of pre-specified risk factors of severe aortic stenosis patients .Contactor: Dr.Roshi Markely 10/25/2013-
  2. Patient variables associated with decline in frailty status. 12/11/2013-

Dr.Dawood Darbar; Dr.Mattew Kolek

  1. Modulation of QT interval by rapid atrial pacing in patients with dual chamber pacemakers 12/20/2013

Dr.Monahan 1/13/2014

Dr.Borges, Dr.Young, Dr.Holmes, Dr. McPherson

Outcomes in cardiac arrest patients undergoing therapeutic hypothermia. 5/1/2014

Dr.Holmes, Dr.Young,Dr.Borges, Dr. McPherson

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor use prior to out of hospital cardiac arrest. 5/8/2014

Dr.Gumina, Dr.Well

CD39-associated SNP and Secondary Cardiovascular Events 5/16/2014


Low risk patients with acute chest pain: is noninvasive testing necessary prior to Discharge from the emergency department. 6/22-2014


Dr.Elias Haddad, Dr.Olivier Boutier

PG Metabolites, Platelets, and Coronary Artery Disease
  • Dates: 2013-10-17 - 2013-10-31

Dr.Donald Lynch, Dr.Richard Gumina

Investigation of Mechanisms of Hemorrhagic and Ischemic Complications in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation: Focus on Impact of Platelet Dysfunction and Atherothrombosis
  • Dates: 2013-10-01 -

Dr. Evan Brittain:

predictive ability of oleoylcarnitine in PAH.
  • Dates: 2014/1/7 -

Dr.Deepak Gupta:

HFpEF and myocardial oxidative
  • Dates: 2014/1/7 -

Dr.Deepak Gupta and Dr.Lipworth-Elliot 1/28/2014

(and Manuscript): Dr.Sawyer 2/28/2014 -

multiple-center randomized trial to compare cardiac functions of women with breast cancer and under chemotherapy

Dr. Brittain and Dr.Wang 3/16/2014 -

Effect of Chronic PDE5 Inhibition o Cardiac and Systemic Metabolism Women's health research supplement in the southern community cohort study

Dr.Feoktistiv 4/28/2014

VHVI LVAD/Transplant/Advanced Heart Failure Registry: Mary Keebler (Head of VAD for CV Medicine) / Simon Maltais (CV Surgery) / Mary Beth Davis (Research Coordinator) / Nicole / Nick Haigland (Fellow)

Advanced heart failure (HF) patients with a left ventricular assist device. REDCap database includes patients form Vanderbilt, Michigan, and Mayo Clinic. More centers may be added. Main study interests are to define risk factors related to poor outcomes, e.g. death and pump thrombosis. Hui Nian has worked with the group. Data are collected intra-operatively, post-op, 1w 3w 6w 12m 18m 2y 3y. 13 abstracts were just submitted. VAD registry began Oct 2012. The main heart registry began at VU in 2009. There are 108 patients in the VAD registry as of 2013-11-21. An area of interest is acquired von Willebrand factor deficiency. Two types of LVAD are in play: axial flow (Heart Mate) and centrifugal flow (HeartWare, the newer one).
  1. Dr.Maltais - Letter to the editor --12/02/2013
  2. Dr. Maltais, Dr.Haglund - Manuscript: Utilization of blood product in VAD patients. --12/9/2013-
  3. Dr.Maltais, Dr.Haglund - Mnauscript: Peripherally inserted central catheters and adverse events in stage D heart failure patients. --12/18/2013-
  4. Dr.Maltais, Dr.Haglund, Mary Beth Davis - grant application: Blood products utilization in VAD patients at pre-op, intra-op, post-op, and outpatients care. For BTT pts, post-transplant data will also be collected. Potential control group is heart-transplant pts without VAD. Also interested in finding demographic , baseline or lab measures associated blood utilization at any time points. Suggest using data reduction, or redundancy analysis before fitting model. Four types of blood products, each one has utilization measure in integer units. n=50 VAD, 30 go on to transplant. Some patients are not candidates for VAD because of congenital abnormality or patient decision. Main predictors may be pre-op labs: coagulation and CBC. Casecading time periods for modeling: pre; pre + intra; pre + intra + post. --- 12/18/2013 -
  5. Dr.Maltais: Mitral Valve Surgery Outcomes Assessed by Age at Time of Procedure and Preoperative Creatinine Level 3/20/2014
  6. Dr.Maltais: Complicated ICU Stay in LVAD Patients 3/20/2014
  7. Dr.Maltais: E ffect of Concomitant Surgical Procedures on LVAD Outcomes. 3/28/2014
  8. Dr.Maltais: HeartWare off bypass compared to HeartWare on bypass. 4/25/2014
  9. Dr.Matais: VAD data sternotomy vs thoracotomy, on pump vs off pump. (1st version written by Hui)
  10. Association of adverse events and anticoagulation (Cathy Jenkins) June/2014
  11. Association of marginal organ donation in patients with LVAD and time to death or retransplantation, SRTR data. (Cathy Jenkins) June/2014
  12. Association MELS score and type of transplant recipient with time to death or retransplantation. (Cathy Jenkins) June/2014
  13. Association of warfarin polymorphisms and whether a subject was out of therapeutic range during their follow-up time. (Cathy Jenkins) June/2014


Cardiovascular Medicine Completed Projects

Manuscript: Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson 11/23/2013

  1. Global and Regional Burden of Aortic Dissection and Aneurysms.
  2. Global and Regional Estimates of Incidence and Prevalence of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
  3. Global and Regional Burden of Peripheral Arterial Diseases
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