Business Manager (April Cribbs)



  • Develop and manage recharge center
  • Work with director to develop university research core
  • Develop departmental policy and guidelines
  • Facilitate larger scale agreements (VA)
  • Ensure proper FTEs for available work
  • Ensure federal and institutional guidelines are met
  • Work closely with Office of Research CORE director
  • Ensure consistent application of policies and guidelines
  • Develop annual service fees
  • Create processes and systems to capture accurate billing
  • Work with OOR Systems Development to improve and enhance CORE billing system
  • Work with IT to develop systems within department’s database
  • Develop reports
  • Users and/or customers
  • Executive summaries
  • Maintain webpage with description of services and current fee schedule

  • Oversee operations
  • Develop systems/process for tracking budgets
  • Work with other departments to provide grant core budgets
  • Facilitate the transition to core billing
  • Communicate with PIs and business personnel, internally and externally, regarding core services and billing questions
  • Communicate with core employees regarding project assignments and core policies and procedures
  • Ensure proper, accurate, and timely initiation of core billings on awarded projects
  • Monitor monthly billings per employee to compare expected and actual billings
  • Work with division personnel to begin divisional core billing
  • Supervise AAIII who may relieve or assist with above duties
  • Supervise Administrative Manager who coordinates and initiates effort distribution changes
  • Work with AAII who reviews/approves COEUS applications and maintains department’s grant database
  • Participate in Allocation Committee meetings and make project assignment recommendations to the director

Manage external “milestone” (non-hourly) industry contracts

  • Facilitate negotiations
  • Work with Office of Contract Management to execute contracts
  • Facilitate amendments as needed
  • Ensure invoicing and collection
  • Produce 1275 budgets
  • Supervise Administrative Manager who may relieve or assist with above duties


  • Supervise Administrative Manager responsible for P/R
  • Review EDCs, RDCs, cost transfer memos, job and position changes, APFs, New Hire PAFs
  • Ensure proper application of departmental policies/guidelines re effort
  • Review/approve all JEs produced by Administrative Manager or AAIII
  • Ensure DOF requirements are met
  • Reconcile recharge center G/L and labor distribution
  • Run DMS reports
  • Review DMS
  • Initiate correcting JEs
  • Maintain documentation/files
  • Produce 304 annual budget (BudgetPro)
  • Provide budget support to DA
  • Manage FYE (DOF) activity for recharge center
  • Calculate and distribute annual research reward
  • Produce financial reports as requested
  • Provide recommendations on financial issues to management as necessary


  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of industry trends and regulations
  • Attend internal and external meetings
  • Read applicable notifications and publications
  • Assist other department personnel as necessary
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