Bringing to light Risk factors and Incidence of Neuropsychological dysfunction in ICU survivors

On a test server, we have installed Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition, version 5 and we are learning about the care and feeding of this application. This software is an "enterprise" solution for Palm OS databases. It is used to create and deploy Pendragon Forms solutions for handhelds, smartphones and Web-enabled PC's. Pendragon Forms does data synchronization via TCP/IP network and has a Web-browser interface for administration tasks and data access.

JenniferThompson - Statistical support

DalePlummer - IT support

Wes Ely is the principal investigator.

Brenda Pun is the data coordinator.

-- Progress (newest entry first)

  • DalePlummer - Feb 2008 : The BRAIN database and web application has been moved to the new virtual server that is being leased from NCS (bio-app-s1). This move provides better performance and improved backup methods. The old server has been taken off line. The BRAIN server's address is One must use a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser for this to work correctly.

  • DalePlummer - 27 Sep 2007 : There has been a long delay waiting for NCS to get things together for virtual servers. I have also had a number of delays due to problems installing and maintaining Pendragon on a test server. I have recently gotten a new test server together and successfully installed Pendragon there. I continue to practice installing the server software and moving the existing database to the new install. I have also "exported" all of the active forms from the existing database and sent them to Vin. He plans to do an import of these forms and see how all of that works on his installation for the "MIND" project. In my testing the imports work well.

* DalePlummer - 12 Jun 2007 : Significant work has been done since this page was last edited.
    • Pendragon Forms Enterprise Edition is up and running on our development server. Patient data is being entered from Vanderbilt and St. Thomas. Meharry-Hubbard-General will be added soon. There seems to be no problems using the handheld computers and syncing the data to the database.
    • An agreement was made with NCS for this project to migrate to one of the virtual servers that NCS will be hosting on their hardware. That should happen sometime in July 2007. In preparation for this move, I have set up a test virtual server to make sure the product would operate correctly in that kind of environment. I also practiced setting up an install of the product many times, making sure we could move the system smoothly when the time comes. * Provided extensive assistance to the systems analyst at the VA where the MIND component of this study will be performed. I set up a test environment that closely paralleled the VA environment so I could work out procedures for installing Pendragon Forms Enterprise in that environment. There were many problems that needed to be solved having to do with installing the product in non-default disk locations and using non-default database instance names. I worked with the vendor to solve these problems and obtained a new installer package that was badly needed.
    • Worked out the procedures for using Microsoft Access as a tool to view and manipulate the database tables. This will give the data coordinator and the statistician a familiar interface with which to view the data and make extractions for analyses. This tool will be usable when we move the database to the NCS hosted virtual servers.
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