Blog AddOn

A simple weblog application.

See BlogAddOn for an introduction and installation instructions.
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Start from here

Reference for administrators

Note: Care must be taken when:
  • Renaming post topics: the comment topic needs to be renamed as well
    • The comment topic is created automatically when the first comment is submitted, using the syntax topic name + Comment.
  • Renaming categories: the comment topics are not updated automatically

Putting the blog post overview in a different topic

To put the overview in a topic, write:


You may set display defaults, for example for category and sort field, using additional parameters. Possible values are:

Parameter Possible values Default value
category Interesting (categories can be defined in BlogCategory) none
sort formfield(Title), formfield(Category), formfield(Author), created, modified none
limit any number no limit
sortdirection ascending, descending ascending

For example, to show latest 10 posts, sorted latest post on top, write:

%INCLUDE{"BlogPost" sortdirection="descending" sort="created" limit="10"}%

This will generate:

Sort by:  Title   Category   Author   Date   Last modified

Limit to: 
Category:   Subscribe

Blog post example

11 Dec 2006 - 14:59 in Interesting
This is an example blog post. You may now delete this topic...

Creating filter links

You may want to have a list of links that lead to a filtered blogpost list. For instance, the link named "Interesting" would lead to a list of blog posts of that category.

Here's how:
<div class="foswikiUnvisited">%SEARCH{"   *\s*.*?" topic="BlogCategory" web="%WEB%" type="regex" multiple="on" casesensitive="on" nonoise="on" format="<a href='%SCRIPTURL{view}%/%WEB%/BlogPost?sort=created;limit=10;sortdirection=descending;category=$pattern(.*   \*\s*([^\n]*).*)'>$pattern(.*   \*\s*([^\n]*).*)</a>"}%</div>

This will generate:

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