This page will give an overview of the commands and tools needed within our Linux environment.


  1. Within Vanderbilt
  2. Within Biostatistics


  1. Add the user to the FacultyStaff page
  2. Wiki presentation
  3. Syntax: TextFormattingRules
  4. Guidelines for naming pages: WikiWord
  5. Getting started notes related to department IT: GettingStartedBiostatistics

Common Applications (command*)

  1. Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome - web browser (firefox, google-chrome)
  2. Nautilus - file management (nautilus)
  3. LibreOffice suite - word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, databases (lowriter, localc, loimpress, lobase)
  4. Emacs/VI/nano - command line text editors (emacs -nw, vi, nano)
  5. Gnome Terminal - terminal session (gnome-terminal)
  6. R Studio - statistics (rstudio)
  7. Gimp - image manipulation (gimp)
  8. Document Viewer - viewing pdf's (evince)
  9. Pidgin - instant messager client (pidgin)
* command is usually found in /usr/bin; type which [command] to know for sure
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