How to map (mount) the network share

Please contact or direct requests for Biosketch and Other Support to our editorial assistant, Michael Wade, Michael can support all NIH-related requests and will work with Toni Hill and Shanta Laurie to prepare anything requested that is not NIH-related (i.e. DOD, VA, foundation, etc.).

In addition, the Department will maintain a directory for each faculty member on a shared drive. Each directory will be named as “Last name, First name”, will be accessible to department faculty and administrative members, and will include the following:
  • Biosketch file folder
    • Please keep at least one current (updated at least annually) biosketch in this folder.
    • You may save multiple versions (e.g., for different subject matters such as high-dimensional, general biostatistics, etc.). In this case, please notify Michael which version to use when a biosketch is requested.
    • Please respond timely to requests for review of biosketch for accuracy.
  • Other Support file folder
    • Michael will utilize ePac to prepare a new or updated Other Support document when requested and maintain the current version in this folder.
    • Please respond timely to requests for review of OS for accuracy.
  • Budget Justification file folder
    • Please keep a stock budget justification statement in this folder.
  • CITI Training Certificate file folder
    • When CITI training is completed, please download the completion certificate to this folder.

For any document requested by someone other than the faculty member, Michael will contact the faculty member to confirm his/her participation in the relevant grant before preparing. On all prepared documents, Michael will copy the faculty member on the final document submitted.

Please map the shared drive to your computer for access to your file folder, review what is in the folder, and feel free to replace or upload the most current documents to this folder: \\\biostatistics\GrantMaterials.


A biosketch is a faculty member's curriculum vitae presented in a specified format
  • Biosketches highlight key personnel and other significant contributors' relevant experience and/or qualifications
  • Biosketches are specific to a proposed project
  • Biosketches must follow the guidelines of the sponsor
There is a four (4) page limit to biosketches.

  • Header: Personal Information & Education
  1. Name is consistent with eRA Commons
  2. Position Title is consistent with eRA Commons
  3. Education/Training begins with earliest
  • Section A: Personal Statement
  1. Briefly describe why your experience and qualifications make you particularly well-suited for your role (e.g., PD/PI, mentor, participating faculty) in the project that is the subject of the application. The Personal statement must be written in first person point of view.
  • Section B: Positions & Honors
  1. Use chronological order
  2. End with current position
  3. Include dates, places, nature of position
  4. Add professional experiences
  5. List present membership on any Federal Government public advisory committee(s)
  6. Don't forget to include relevant honors
  1. List relevant publications in chronological order
  2. Many people highlight the person's name
  3. Give titles, all authors, and complete references
  4. Only peer-reviewed publications, not reviews
  5. Do not include manuscripts submitted or in preparation, only if they have been accepted for publication
  6. When citing articles that fall under the Public Access Policy, were authored or co-authored by the applicant and arose from NIH support, provide the NIH Manuscript Submission reference number (e.g., NIHMS97531) or the PMCID reference number (e.g., PMCID234567) for each article. If the PMCID is not yet available because the Journal submits articles directly to PMC on behalf of their authors, indicate "PMC Journal - In Process." Citations that are not covered by the Public Access Policy, but are publicly available in a free, online format may include URLs or PMCID numbers along with the full reference.
  7. PICKFor NIH submissions, limit the list of publications to no more than 15.

  • Section D: Research Support
  1. List selected ongoing/completed support during the past three (3) years
  2. Begin with the projects that are most relevant to the research proposed in the application
  3. Include both Federal and non-Federal
  4. State the goals of each research project and the role of the person involved
  5. Do not include percent effort or direct costs
  6. Include grant number, title, PI and project dates
  7. This is NOT the same as the Other Support document
  8. If no research support, list "None"

Mechanics of the Biosketch

  • Use the right font (Arial)
  • Use the right point size (11 point)
  • Ink color should be black
  • Strict guidelines on margin width (1/2 inch on all sides)

Additional Resource Information

Guidelines for NIH related publications

Converting a PMID number to a PMCID number in PubMed

Locating a PMCID Reference Number in PubMed
Search for your paper on PubMed. In the abstract view you will find the PMCID reference number located under the abstract on the lower bottom right of the display. The PMID will be on the left bottom and the PMCID across from it on the right bottom in a form like "PMCID: PMC1234567". If there is no PMCID for that paper, the spot for the PMCID will be completely blank.

Locating a PMCID Reference Number in PubMed Central
You may perform a relevant literature search and view the PMCID reference number by selecting the Summary display. You will find the PMCID reference number located under the citation on the lower bottom left of the display.

Sample of a completed Biographical Sketch

Blank Biographical Sketch Format Page (in Microsoft .doc format)
Biographical Sketch Format Page (in OpenOffice .odt format)

How to map (mount) the network share

Your computer must be on the VUMC network (hard wired or connected to the VUMCEmployee wireless network) or connected via VPN for the mount to complete.

  • Open the file manager and make sure the tool bar is enabled
  • Click on Tools and then "Map network drive..."
  • For "Drive:" pick an available drive letter
  • For "Folder:" enter \\\biostatistics\GrantMaterials
  • Make sure "Reconnect at logon" is checked (optional)
  • If prompted for a username and password, enter your vunetid as vanderbilt\vunetid and enter your epassword for the password.

  • Open the Finder, click "Go" in the menu bar, then click "Connect to Server..."
  • For Server Address enter "smb://"
  • Click the Connect button
  • If asked, enter your vunetid as "vanderbilt\vunetid".

$ sudo mkdir /biosgrant
$ sudo chown vunetid.vunetid /biosgrant

Edit ~/.bashrc to add:
mbiosgrant() { sudo mount -t cifs // /biosgrant -o username=vunetid,domain=vanderbilt,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 ; 

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