Biostatistics Seminars - Procedures

  1. Seminars are held weekly on Wednesday, 1:30-2:30PM, MRBIII Room 1220 (unless room is changed). Last Weds of each month is the Linux workshop.
    • Room contact(s): MRBIII, Room 1220 – Beverly Stevens
    • VCH Theater – Wanda Seger
  2. Ben Saville coordinates with our invited guest to secure a date they can attend. Once he has secured the date, he adds to the Seminar Planning page:
  3. Advise: set “auto alert” so you get notified any time Ben has made a change in Seminar Planning.
  4. Email the visitor [Sample 1 below] (sometimes need to look up contact info in Google if not sent to you); send them an em requesting title/abstract so the advertising process can begin.
  5. Arrange air travel (if outside the area). Once air is arranged book ground travel and hotel.
  6. Prepare travel itinerary, .pdf and em to visitor.
  7. Log onto Foswiki ( and click on the appropriate date or add all relevant info.
    • If you do not see date, click on ‘edit’ a the top
    • Copy information from a prior date such as SAMPLE4 below.
    • Change the parts that are needed such as date, name and title
  8. Copy/paste from the template which is located at the bottom of the link. Fill in the blanks (SAMPLE3 of prior one below)
    • The “Abstract” is the body of the talk,
    • The title is the portion after ---+
  9. View possible upcoming seminars at this link
  10. Send an announcement to the distribution list (Biostat Seminar-Primary List). To locate the list go into Foswiki and type “SEME” in the Jump option. This will bring up a drop down; find SEMEMAIL and you’ll be into the primary mailing lists.
  11. Create and print at least five color flyers.
    • The share drive has a folder entitled “Seminars”. There are several templates to choose from; pick the one you like, add the relevant information and print.
      • 1-flyer goes in the locked case outside the door of S-2323
      • 1-flyer goes in the internal hallway near Frank’s office
      • 1-flyer goes in the locked case near the entrance to MCN/Round-Wing
      • 1-flyer goes in holder near Diane’s desk (front lobby)
      • 1-flyer goes in the kitchen
  12. Advertising: there are several locations to submit advertisements. * BRET Seminar Series: email Carol Haslett with information for particular date carol.j.haslett@Vanderbilt.Edu and to check if announcement was posted the BRET site is:
  13. create a .png of the final seminar flyer and send via em to Alex Zhao & Li Wang for addition to the hallway monitor. They should have this about a week in advance to allow adequate time for advertising.
    • If you locate any additional locations for advertising please post. The more publicity we get the better!
  14. There is a spreadsheet established that I have found helpful in tracking the progress I’ve made on a particular date/seminar. This spreadsheet is located in:
    • T:\Biostatistics Seminars – floating file entitled DATE_SeminarChecksheet.
SAMPLE1: email
Good Morning Dr XXX, 
I work with Dr. Frank Harrell and Dr. Ben Saville in the Department of Biostatistics at VUMC School of Medicine.  I have been informed you will be visiting our department and presenting at our DATE Seminar.  I will assist with travel coordination, itinerary planning and seminar arrangements.  

We would like to have you arrive on Tuesday, DATE  (in time for dinner) and plan to have you visit with our faculty on Wednesday, DATE (full day).  Please let me know if that will work with your calendar. 

To get started, there are a few items I will need from you:
   1 Full legal name (for air tickets; as shown on license or passport)
   1 Departure airport (name)
   1 Preferred airline (?Southwest direct?...any SW mileage number?)
   1 Any special travel needs
   1 Title/Abstract for your talk
   1 Your full title for the Seminar flyer 
   (i.e., NAME, TITLE, Department of XXXX, University or Business, City, State)

Look forward to meeting you very soon!

SAMPLE2: Announcement for BRET:
Department of Biostatistics Seminar/Workshop Series:
Testing Variance Components in Multilevel Linear Models using Approximate Bayes Factors
Presented by: Ben Saville, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics, VUMC School of Medicine
Wednesday, July 1, 2009, 1:30-2:30pm, MRBIII Conference Room 1220

SAMPLE3: wiki announcement
---+++ Department of Biostatistics Seminar/Workshop Series
---+ TITLE
---++ AUTHOR(s)
---+++ Wednesday, DATE, 1:30-2:30pm, MRBIII Conference Room 1220
---+++ Intended Audience: Persons interested in applied statistics, statistical theory, epidemiology, health services research, clinical trials methodology, statistical computing, statistical graphics, R users or potential users

(you cut and paste their ABSTRACT TEXT in to this area).... <br>
[[http://URL CONTAINING HANDOUTS IN PDF FORMAT][Handouts]] | [[http://URL TO PRESENTER's HOME PAGE][Presenter Information]]

   * [[Sstatnikov07][Effects of Environment, Genetics and Data Analysis Pitfalls in an Esophageal Cancer Genome-Wide Association Study]], by Alexander R. Statnikov, Department of Biomedical Informatics,<noc> Vanderbilt University *October 3*; *1:30-2:30pm, MRBIII 1220*

NOTE: If this is an external speaker presenting at our Seminar, they will also need to be scheduled to meet with a variety of personnel during their day’s visit with us.

  • Seminar visitor itineraries are posted on Foswiki and there is a template created on that site.
  • NOTE: Proceed words containing 2 or more upper case letters and at least one lower case letter with
OR when typing PhD type ! in front of it and then immediately follow add the "!PhD" and it will not try to create a link
  • Original Seminar Instructions are located in: AdminLevel2(S)/Biostatistics Seminars/07.07.09 Instructions for Seminars
  • Seminar flyer templates are located in: AdminLevel2(S)/Biostatistics Seminar/TEMPLATES for FLYERS
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