Annual Supervisors Meeting

In order to achieve consistency between evaluations for a given job position, e.g. Biostatistician II or Computer Systems Analyst III, everyone within the Department of Biostatistics who supervises a given position is encouraged to have an annual meeting in early April to discuss their annual performance evaluations. These meetings should be held in strict confidence and with the primary goal of making the evaluations fair and consistent within a given position. The staff Biostatistician supervisors started meeting in 2006.

We may think of the evaluation scores as having two sources of variation, the true variation in employee performances and the variation in how different supervisors respond to the evaluation form. The annual meeting works to reduce the variation due to supervisor by 1) creating a consensus on what ratings of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 mean for each of the key functions and credo questions in the evaluation, 2) coming up with a consistent approach for handling problematic questions, e.g. how do I rate a key function when it doesn’t apply to my supervisee?, and 3) improving our individual perspectives on performance by talking through our evals; in other words, a first time supervisor of two supervisees does not have a sufficient sample size to make good judgments but can effectively boost their sample size by listening to the experiences of their fellow supervisors.

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Annual Supervisors Meeting 4sb Minutes (guidelines only, viewing restricted)
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