1. DONE To speak in turns. No matter what the topic is every person MUST have a turn to talk - (NOT to ask: "Does anybody want to say anything?")
  2. To work on other skills:
    • DONE small talk
    • presentation skills
    • teaching skills
    • interviewing skills
  3. DONE To encourage people by giving them more responsibility: in the future (may be sooner than you think) every participant will be responsible for leading a lesson (or part of a lesson).
  4. DONE Keep track of time.
  5. To record speech of a presenter to be able to replay it and comment on it.
  6. Polite speech
  7. Grammar tips
  8. Issue standard form for assessment of presentation skills.
  9. Based on the form described above follow individual personal progress.
  10. Work on voice volume
  11. Think of a penalty for not doing the homework (singing a song out loud in front of everybody)
  12. Report progress (if any)
  13. To create more formal environment for a presenter (more realitistic setup). For example, the presenter should stand while giving presentation. S/he should stand reasonably far away from the audience.

  1. Test is useful ? : one can pass a test, but still not to improve.
  2. Movie club
  3. Book club: Evelyn
  4. Make codes for absence reason: claudia
  5. Every time we'll choose a speaker and give him/her a topic, listen to him/her, and give a feedback.
  6. Once in a while Invite a native speaker to talk, and correct our mistakes.
  7. Each non-native speaker is encouraged find a mentor to help him/her improve his/her English.
  8. Ask native speakers to give feedback on our speaking skills (point out mistakes, ...)
  9. Contact the Department of Education and ask them to help us with improving out speaking skills on volunteer basis: Ming
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