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We are trying to compile a formal list, but for right now it is a different person on every floor. I believe that Carol Haas in Epidemiology might know about the 3rd floor conference room and anything on the 8th floor. Trudie Thomas would know about the Aging conference room on the 3rd floor and anything that Dr. Dittusí group shares on the 12th floor. Eventually, DBMI will also have a room on the 14th floor. I am not sure if HR allows anyone to use their room on the 5th floor and I donítí know who is on 6 anymore.


Biostatistics D-2221 D-2212  
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs D-3243 T-3323 CCC-3300
Developmental Biology 3131 MRBIII 3136 MRBIII 4131 MRBIII
VICC PRB 569 PRB 668 PRB 898
Children's Hospital Rooms    
Educational Support Services Rooms    
Misc. Locations Locations    
Pathology Rooms    
Ped Medical Genetics T-2404 (Contact: Debbie Winsted)    


  • Please Try to Maximize Big Conference Room Usage. There are many regularly occurring available times that could be taken advantage. For example, Fridays and Mondays tend to be more open than the middle of the week. 8 am and 9 am times are often available as well as 3 pm and later.
  • Groups from 5 - 20
  • Contact [[][]]

  • Unavailable for Conferences

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Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

!!! Preference will be shown towards members of Department of Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs which may result in the occasional expulsion of our meetings from their rooms !!!




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Developmental Biology

Click the Room Links Below to See Room Availability!!!

Also, see CDB Conference Room Guidelines for more information on scheduling and possible priority preferential treatment.




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PRB 569



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Children's Hospital

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Educational Support Services

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Misc. Locations

  • MCN 3rd Floor Courtyard
    • Located outside of D-Corridor right next to D-3243
    • Perfect for Fall Weather!!!

  • Eskind Biomedical Library
    • Group Study Rooms
    • Room 305 can be reserved in advance by calling 6-1410

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  • Rooms:
    • General Conference Room (C-2303 Medical Center North)
    • Clinical Conference Room (TVC 4544)
    • Small Conference Room (C-2105 Medical Center North)
    • Clinical Application Room (TVC 4801)
    • Seminar Room (214 Light Hall)

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Thanks to Eve Anderson for Providing a List!

-- JohnBock - 29 Aug 2011
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