January Title Presenter After Seminar Student Discussion Leader
January 6 NO SEMINAR    
January 13 Gaussian Processes in Spatial Epidemiology David Schlueter - PhD student  
January 20 Introduction to Marginal Structural Models William Dupont  
January 27 Statistics and Drug Regulation in the US Lisa LaVange -- FDA  

February Title Presenter After Seminar Student Discussion Leader
February 3 Outcome related sampling designs for longitudinal binary data with application to spirometry-based COPD diagnosis Jonathan Schildcrout  
February 10 Mediation Analysis: A Review and Some Musings Christina Tripp - PhD student  
February 17 Small Area Life Expectancy: Computational Challenges, Controversies, and Potential Solutions Robert Johnson  
February 24 Assessing Reproducibility and Value in Genomic Signatures Prasad Patil  

March Title Presenter After Seminar Student Discussion Leader
March 2 The Importance of a Second Level Bootstrap for Understanding Data Derek Smith - PhD Student  
March 9 NO SEMINAR - ENAR    
March 16 Bayesian Model Assessment in Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data with Applications to Cancer Clinical Trials Ming-Hui Chen -- UConn  
March 23 Peng WeiMar232016 Peng Wei -- UT  
March 30   Annie Qu -- UIUC Matt Shotwell

April Title Presenter After Seminar Student Discussion Leader
April 1 Jacob VanHouten040116 Jacob VanHouten  
April 6 What Does a Bayesian Owe a Frequentist? Frank Harrell  
April 13 Frasian biomarker designs for randomized trials with adaptive enrichment Noah Simon - UW Guanhua Chen
April 20 A Poisson Bayesian Kernel Model for the Prediction of Disruptions Hiba Baroud (Chris Fonnesbeck)
April 27 Challenges of Consulting: Experiences of Real Biostatisticians Mario Davidson Tatsuki Koyama

August Title Presenter After Seminar Student Discussion Leader
August 3 NO SEMINAR - JSM    
August 17 Statistical Considerations and Methods in the Development and Internal Validation of the Pediatric Acute Asthma Prediction Rule (APR) for Hospitalizations Tebeb Gebretsadik  
August 24 Selection of Optimal Cut-Points to Dichotomize Continuous Predictors to Discriminate Disease Status Beth Wolf (Matt Shotwell)
August 31 Using R, Rmarkdown, RStudio, knitr, and HTML for the Next Generation of Reproducible Statistical Reports Frank Harrell  

September Title Presenter After Seminar Student Discussion Leader
September 7 Model-robust Inference for Continuous Threshold Models Youyi Fong -- Fred Hutchinson  
September 14 Modeling progressive disease using longitudinal panel data Jacquelyn Neal (Jeffrey Blume)
September 21 A Bayesian double fusion model for resting state functional connectivity using functional and structural data Hakmook Kang (Matt Shotwell)
September 28 Lightning Talks Biostat Faculty  

October Title Presenter After Seminar Student Discussion Leader
October 5 Sparse Additive Index Model for Survival Prediction with Genomic Data Sijian Wang --UWisc-Madison No Discussion
October 12 arge Observational Healthcare Studies: Challenges, Pitfalls, and Future Directions David Madigan -- Columbia  
October 19 NO SEMINAR    
October 26 AIC: A Likelihood-based approach to model selection Allison Hainline (Jeffrey Blume)

November Title Presenter After Seminar Student Discussion Leader
November 2 A Semi-parametric Method for Clustering Mixed Data Marianthi Markatou -- SUNY-Buffalo (Guanhua Chen)
November 9 Confounding in Imaging-based Predictive Modeling Kristin Linn  
November 16 Inference for high-dimensional regression Ai Shojaie (Thomas Stewart)
November 23 NO SEMINAR    

December Title Presenter After Seminar Student Discussion Leader
December 7 Online estimation of optimal treatment allocations for control of an emerging infectious disease Eric Laber -- NSCU  
December 14 Dynamic treatment regimes - Nonparametric Bayes for causal inference Peter MŁeller -- UT Austin (Guanhua Chen)
December 21 NO SEMINAR    
Dece,ber 28 NO SEMINAR    
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